Train For The Crane Public Statement of Impartiality

Commitment to Impartiality in Certification Activities

At Train For The Crane, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and impartiality in all our activities, especially those pertaining to the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO). We are dedicated to ensuring that all our certification processes, from preparatory training to the evaluation and administration of CCO certification exams, are conducted with fairness, transparency, and objectivity.

As an Accredited Training Provider (ATP), we recognize the importance of impartiality in maintaining the credibility and value of the CCO certifications. We are committed to identifying, managing, and mitigating any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in our certification activities. This commitment is rooted in our corporate values and is integral to our operations.

Our Pledge:

Fairness: We ensure that all candidates are treated equitably and justly throughout their certification journey, without discrimination or bias.

Transparency: Our processes and criteria for certification are clearly outlined and available to all stakeholders, ensuring that candidates understand the requirements and expectations involved.

Objectivity: Decisions regarding certification, including examination grading and result issuance, are made completely independent of ATP’s scope of work. ATP will objectively record candidate performance, free from external influences or conflicts of interest.

Confidentiality: ATP safeguards the confidentiality of all candidate information and certification outcomes, respecting privacy and data protection standards.

Continuous Improvement: We regularly review and enhance our policies, procedures, and practices to improve impartiality and prevent any form of bias or unfair advantage.

We publicly declare our unwavering commitment to impartiality in our CCO certification activities. This declaration is not just a formality but a fundamental aspect of our operational ethos. We encourage feedback and engagement from our stakeholders to help us uphold these principles.

This statement of impartiality is freely available on our official website and included in all relevant corporate literature. It serves as a reminder of our dedication not only to our candidates and employees but also to the industry and communities we serve.

We, Train for the Crane, reaffirm our pledge to maintain the highest standards of impartiality and to continually foster trust and confidence in our CCO certification activities.

Train For The Crane LLC,

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