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Dedicated Pile Driver Rigs can fall under the same regulations as a standard crane. Train for the Crane is the leader in the industry of Dedicated Pile Driver Training. We have developed a training program to help candidates pass the NCCCO Pile Driver Exams. In addition to that test preparation you will receive Pile Driver Safety and Operator Experience through our unique training processes.

Dedicated Pile Driver Written Exam

The certification written exam consists of 70 Multiple Choice Questions and Candidates are allowed 90 minutes to complete the written exam.

Topics Covered

  • Site Examination and Machine Arrival
  • Setup, Inspection, and Pre-Operation
  • Operations and Pile Engagement
  • Maintenance
  • Disassembly and Transportation
  • How to Read and use Dedicated Pile Driver Load Charts
  • A complete practice exam and answer review session
  • Tips for taking standardized tests

Completion and Practical’s

In addition to successfully completing your written exam, you’ll also need to take your practical exam.
Your written and practical exams can be taken in any order, but they’ll need to be completed within 12
months of each other. Once you pass both exams and achieve your certification, your certification is
valid for five years. At Train for the Crane we provide the Written and Practical exam preparation and
testing while you are with us during your training experience.

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