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Lift directors handle numerous responsibilities on job sites, managing engineering, crane usage, safety, and compliance throughout a project. Some states already require that a lift director be on site for certain tasks, and changing regulations mean that soon it will be mandatory for a certified lift director to be present on site to oversee and direct a heavy lift or lifts that are utilizing particular equipment. Training for your lift director certification aims to fully prepare candidates for the required exam path to achieve mobile crane lift director certification. In addition to covering material that’s specific to each exam, we’ll also offer test-taking strategies and a comprehensive practice exam to help prepare you for success in your new career.

Our NCCCO lift director training is designed to prepare you for your Lift Director Certification Exam. This certification is designed for individuals with extensive crane-related experience.

Written Exam Topics Covered

  • Lift Director responsibilities
  • Code of ethics for Certified Lift Directors
  • Lattice boom crane test prep
  • How to read lattice boom crane load charts
  • Swing or Fixed Cab Crane test prep
  • Lift Director Core Exam test prep
  • Lift Director Specialty Exam test prep
  • Site conditions training
  • Roles, responsibilities, and qualifications training
  • Lifting operations training
  • Lift plans training
  • Rigger Level II training
  • Signalperson training
  • A complete practice exam and answer review session
  • Tips for taking standardized tests

To become a certified lift director, individuals must first pass several pre-requisites to be eligible to sit for lift director exams. The path toward becoming a certified lift director begins with taking the Mobile Crane Operator Core Exam. Following this exam, an operator will need to complete specialty operator exams (including a lattice boom specialty and either a swing cab or fixed cab specialty). Next, the candidate will need to pass the Rigger Level II Exam.

The next step of the lift director certification process begins with the Lift Director Core Exam. Following the core exam, individuals will need to complete the Lift Director Mobile Crane Specialty Exam. Our program will guide individuals through prep and practice for each exam on the lift director certification path. We can also help with eligibility verification or the recertification process on your way to becoming a certified lift director.

For more information about the paths to NCCCO lift director certification, feel free to contact us.

The Lift Director Core Exam contains 40 questions, and candidates are given 60 minutes to complete the test. The lift director specialty exam includes 15 questions, and the exam must be completed in 120 minutes.

Lift director certification includes no practical examination portion. Instead, lift plan drawings are used in each specialty exam to test the candidate’s ability to identify potential dangers, hazards, and other lift issues that need to be resolved.

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